One of the Most Important Means of Missions in the 21st Century

BAM refers to the integration of business objectives and missions to spread the gospel to the whole world. It also seeks to equip Christians to transform lives in their community to glorify the Lord.

According to the Lausanne Occasional Paper #59, BAM refers to any business that is:

  • Sustainable and profitable;
  • Intended to fulfil the purpose of God and bring impact on people and nations;
  • Focused on economic, social, environmental and spiritual outcomes, most importantly holistic transformation;
  • Concerned about the poorest and the least reached peoples in the world.

AOHK has been promoting BAM in various ways, such as:

  • Organizing BAM courses: that seek to help others understand the meaning and mission of BAM and how it can lead to a positive transformation;
  • Encouraging people to prepare and apply BAM knowledge through apprenticeship programs.

BAM Knowledge

BAM Course – Understand the meaning of BAM and how it can lead to transformation

  • Biblical foundations
  • Historical examples20140224_155550 a
  • SWOT analysis
  • Talents and abilities
  • Business opportunities forums
  • Cultural differences
  • Field visits
  • Moral ethics
  • Business management
  • Operation planning
  • Mentorship scheme

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