Under globalization, AOHK believes that cross-cultural ministries can be done locally nowadays. Hong Kong is a metropolitan city, with 450,000 non-Chinese residents, increased by 30% over the past ten years. This gives Hong Kong Christians an opportunity to cross-cultural services without the need to stepping outside the city.

Indonesian Domestic Helpers

There are over 300,000 Hong Kong families that are in need of domestic helpers.  According to the HK government figures, there is one foreign domestic helper in every seven families.  Among them, half of them come from Indonesia.  These 150,000 Indonesian helpers from Islamic background have learnt our language and adapted to our culture, a clear sign that God has brought the unreached to our doorstep. Hence, AOHK mobilizes and engages churches and Christians to care for this minority group through six approaches: public education campaigns, seminars and courses, monthly prayer meetings, resources centre and publications, cultural exchange trips and direct contact.

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Japanese Population in Hong Kong

Japan has been known as one of the most difficult countries to spread the Gospel in. Protestants remain at the very low level of 0.3% of population. (Source: Joshua Project). It is definitely one of the Least Reached People Groups in Hong Kong, and with receiving the least attention from anyone.

According to the 2016 HK Population Census, the number of Japanese people living in Hong Kong is around 10,000. A lot of the Japanese in Hong Kong are businessmen or senior executives who came with their spouses and small kids, whom may not stay in Hong Kong very long. Cross-culture marriage is also bringing in Japanese people to us. After leaving their home country, their hearts are generally more open to receive the Gospel.Churches in Hong Kong should grasp this opportunity to bring the Gospel to them and lead them to salvation.

Since mid-2014, AOHK has started to pray for the Japanese diaspora in Hong Kong. There are other prayer groups in Hong Kong, but their attention are mainly for mission works in Japan.

Details concerning Prayer Meetings for Japan by different organizations:

AOHK Chinese Christian Mission (HK) E.F.C.C Tung Fook Church (Kowloon East) Japan Community Center OMF
Date Every third Tuesday of each month Every last Sunday of each month Every first Friday of each month Every second Monday of each month Every odd number month
Time 7:30-9:30pm 7:30-9:00pm 7:30-9:30pm 7:00-9:00pm 7:30-9:15pm
Venue Churches in Kwun Tong (Please call for details) 9/F, Win Plaza, 9 Sheung Hei Street, San Po Kong 30H, Legend Tower, 7 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong 21/F, Amber Commercial Building, 70-74 Morrison Hill Road, Wanchai Unit 707-708, 7/F, Midas Plaza, 1 Tai Yau Street, San Po Kong
Tel. 2929-4013 2810-9933 2323-7229 2575-2418 2398-1823

The date of prayer meetings may change, please call to confirm first.

We now have an ethnic Japanese and a local Chinese serving together in this ministry that we called “HK Japanese Care”.  Our ministry focuses on the following areas.

Reaching out to the Japanese people living in Hong Kong

We take part in different social activities such as, soccer team, ping pong group, cooking class in order to connect with the Japanese people living in Hong Kong.  We also organize activities like Cantonese class, local city tour, gospel music workshop, hiking, etc. to connect them with local Christians and churches that has a vision for the Japanese.

Mobilizing Christians to care for the Japanese in Hong Kong

In order to mobilize more Christians to care for this Least Reached People Group in Hong Kong, we continue to host monthly prayer meeting and share our visions by visiting local churches and cell group meetings.

Equipping Christians to understand Japanese culture

We also equip Christians to understand the Japanese culture by providing Gospel Japanese class, talk and sharing on the Japanese culture, as well as organizing short-term mission trips. 

South Asian Ethnic Group

According to the 2016 HK Population Census, approximately 1% of the Hong Kong population comes from South Asia, mainly India, Pakistan and Nepal.  AOHK’s Glorious Light Neighbourhood Centre, located at Oi Man Estate in Ho Man Tin, serves families of South Asian descent, especially women and children. We offer courses, after-school care services, and cultural exchange activities to help them integrate better in society.

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