Missions Education

Under the belief that everyone should participate in missions, AOHK has launched a series of discipleship-oriented courses on missions. This series aims to equip and empower Christians to live a true Christian life through witnessing to bring the least reached people groups in Asia to Christ.

Empowered to Influence

This course will benefit every believer, but especially those who are in the workplace. This is a four session facilitated videos course that teaches on seven paradigm shifts that need to take place for every believer to become effective salt and light for God in their places of influence. For an in-depth understanding: http://simplymobilizing.com/courses/empowered-to-influence

Contact us (missions@aohk.org) now to kick start your church’s life-transforming journey!
Personality Factor Profile (PFP)

Meet with our professional PFP coach for personality assessment to better understand your personality, interpersonal skills and conflict management style.
Cross-Cultural Expedition

Customized cross-cultural exposure activities locally, or short-term trips to Mainland China and other Asian countries, with activities such as cultural exchange, community services, evangelism and church visits.

Locally: to serve minority groups such as South Asians, Indonesian domestic helpers, families who have recently arrived in Hong Kong, and the underprivileged elderly.

Mainland China: Dong Tribe

Asia: Iban Tribe in East Malaysia, Japan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Mongolia, etc.

Contact us (missions@aohk.org) now for an unforgettable encounter.

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