Kairos – A course for the journey of discipleship

Asian Outreach Hong Kong has become a prime mover of the Chinese “Kairos” missions course globally since 2009.  By now the Chinese “Kairos” has been launched in 17 countries/ regions and is still expanding in the Chinese Christian community.  In six years’ time, the course has already equipped ten thousand Chinese Christians and is increasingly influential, illustrated by more and more requests to launch and coordinate the course.  This course has been widely conducted by AOHK, partnering organizations and local churches and well received, which has significantly increased the awareness of Hong Kong churches to cross-cultural ministry.  This trend is, in fact, synchronized with the vision of the founder of “Kairos” that everyone in the church should participate in cross-cultural missionary activities in the least reached people groups.

The “Kairos” course belongs to Perspectives Family and has been launched in over 60 countries/ regions in 20 different languages as of today.  The Chinese version was launched in 2007.  The foundation course includes four basic areas about missions (Bible, history, strategy and culture), in order to educate, inspire and challenge Christians to integrate missions with their lives, reforming their life directions to participate in the Great Commission.  An internationally-recognized certificate will be conferred upon completion of the course.

The course is interesting and easy to understand, giving students a comprehensive and in-depth view about missions. It is specially designed with touching testimonies.

AOHK has a team of qualified head facilitators and is regularly invited by various churches to launch the Kairos course. Contact us (missions@aohk.org) now and kick start your and your church’s life-transforming journey!

Download Kairos Leaflet (Chinese)

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