Care for the foreigners ── A Calling from the 150,000 Indonesian Domestic Helpers throughout Hong Kong

Since 2008, AOHK has noticed the emerging trend of domestic helpers from Indonesia coming to Hong Kong. Hence, we started to devote efforts in caring for the holistic needs of these foreigners, especially for Indonesian domestic helpers because they are moving from a country with a strong Muslim background to Hong Kong, a place with religious freedom. It is a divine opportunity for local cross-cultural mission.  We advocate and equipe local churches to grasp this opportunity through publications, promotional campaigns, seminars and courses etc.

In cooperation with three other organizations, AOHK, formed “TKI Care” in 2011 and has named the fourth Sunday of May every year as “Domestic Helper Day”. This day was created to acknowledge the domestic helpers’ contributions to the Hong Kong society. We also organize an annual “TKI Care Prayer Meeting” to pray for this huge mission field.

Different Levels of Church’s Participation

Throughout the years, more and more churches recognize the opportunity to care for the Indonesian domestic helpers in Hong Kong. However, some may not know how or when to start.  A Chinese saying goes, “If you have more resources, do more; if you have less, do less”, meaning that everyone just needs to have a willing heart to do his or her best in any situation.

Church Participation Level Chart

Public Education and Promotion

We engage people from various sectors with an aim to acknowledge the contribution of domestic helpers in Hong Kong, and to build a family and society with mutual respect and harmony.

The Six Areas of Indonesian Domestic Helpers Caring involved by AOHK

In 2011, AOHK, Frontiers, K-Pact and OM Hong Kong formed the “TKI Care” and named the fourth Sunday of May every year as the “Domestic Helper Day.” Through series of public education activities, we engage people from various sectors with an aim to acknowledge the contribution of domestic helpers in Hong Kong and to build a family and society with mutual respect and harmony.

Major Activities:

“Domestic Helper Day”, “Domestic Helper Carnival”

“Love Your Domestic Helper As Family” Series of Public Campaign 活動重溫


Learning to Care (Section and time slot can be arranged upon request)
  • Evangelism for Indonesian Domestic Helpers: Evangelism and Explosion III – “Story Weaving”

Learn how to weave Bible stories into every day conversations with the intention to introduce the Good News. The course particularly focuses on the needs of Indonesian domestic helpers who have a history of oral tradition.

Duration: 5 sessions (plus practicum), a total of 10 hours

Fee: HK$300

  • Bahasa Indonesia Language Learning

People are keen to learn the language for overseas missions, but are you also willing to learn their language and culture when doing local cross-cultural missions?

Duration: 7 sessions, 1.5 hours each

Fee: HK$700

  • Seminar for Employers of Indonesian Domestic Helpers: How to Get Along with your New Family Member

This seminar seeks to encourage employers of Indonesian domestic helpers, regardless of their own religion, to better understand the Indonesian culture and ways to foster a harmonious relationship with mutual respect.

Duration: 2-4 hours

Fee: HK$100

  • From Understanding the Muslims to Proclaiming the Gospel to Indonesian Domestic Helpers

Through lessons and practicums, participants will understand a Muslim’s unique background, and learn how to better reach out to Indonesian domestic helpers.

Duration: 4 sessions, a total of 8 hours

Fee: HK$300

Held on the last Tuesday of every month, from 7:30p.m. to 9:00p.m., at the AOHK Kwun Tong office.

“Pusat Sumber Daya Pembantu Indonesia (Indonesian Domestic Helpers Ministry Resource Centre)” ── located in the AOHK Kwun Tong office, with over 60 resources including books, videos, souvenirs and food, These resources are available to support churches and Christians for the ministry of Indonesian domestic helpers.

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With a minimum of two people, you can enjoy a meaningful holiday by joining the cultural exchange delegation to Indonesia.  Activities include: experiencing the local culture, meeting Indonesian domestic helpers who are coming to Hong Kong soon by Cantonese, helping them adjust to Hong Kong’s lifestyle more easily etc.

Dates: 8-13 Aug, 12-17 Sep, 7-12 Nov 2020 (Sat-Thu) OR Tailor-made
Duration: Six days five nights (minimum)
Cost: HK$5,780 (including two-way air tickets, food, accommodation, local transport, and training materials)
Enquiry: 5985 8140 /


“Rumah Damai” ── A monthly gathering for Indonesian Domestic Helpers, especially those who care for the elderly, held on the fourth Sunday of each month, from 5:00p.m. to 7:30p.m. at Island Harbourview Elderly Club, Olympian Station. Come volunteer and join us!

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